Worker’s Compensation lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the case of a craft store manager from Honey Brook, PA

Worker’s Compensation lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the case of a craft store manager from Honey Brook, Chester County for $92,500.00 – representing over four years of future wage loss benefits.

The claimant was first injured in 2011, returned to work and was injured again in 2012. The employer changed insurance companies in between the injuries, requiring attorney Schmidt fight two separate claims. There were multiple rounds of litigation, from the Workers’ Compensation Judge to the Appeal Board and up to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania TWICE. Certified Work Injury Specialist* Schmidt won, resulting in payment of several years’ worth of back due wage loss and medical benefits.

The low back injury involved multiple herniated discs and radiculopathy from nerve damage. The insurance companies denied payment of medical bills during the litigation, delaying the injured worker’s ability to undergo surgery, which was ultimately ordered to be paid. Meanwhile, the employer’s insurance company sent claimant to several Independent (Defense) Medical Exams, with each highly paid defense doctor denying there was any injury. Aggressive cross-examination by attorney Schmidt resulted in the Judge rejecting the opinions of the defendant’s experts, and finding in favor of the claimant.

It was during the FIFTH round of litigation that the insurance company finally realized attorney Schmidt would not settle the case for less than the full, fair value – accepting the full demand presented two years earlier (all while the claimant was receiving the benefits ordered an earlier round of battle).

If you have suffered a work related injury, you need – and deserve – a lawyer who will fight for you, and all of the benefits you are entitled to by law. Short-cuts and quick attorney fees are NOT the Schmidt, Kirifides and Rassias way. We fight for YOU. Every client is a person, not just a file. You will not be treated like a Small Fish in a Big Pond. We provide personal, understanding and compassionate representation. For a free, no obligation consultation, call us at 610-892-9300 or online at www.SKR.Legal (or

Mark R. Schmidt settles the case of a 61 year old convenience store clerk from Havertown for $100,000

The claimant was injured while lifting a case of beverages to place on the shelves, when he felt a sharp pain in his back and fell. Despite the incident being witnessed by the store owner, the insurance company denied the claim.

Mark R. Schmidt settles the case of a 39 year old welder from Wilmington Delaware, injured while working in Kennett Square Pennsylvania

Workers’ Compensation is one of the few fields of law that offer a Specialist Certification for lawyers who meet the strict requirements, which include years of practice dedicated to workers compensation claims, Continuing Legal Education and written testing.

Work injury lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a 25 year old solar panel installation foreman from Brookhaven, Delaware County

The insurance company fought his right to any workers’ compensation benefits, and fired him for ‘made up’ reasons – but likely just because he sought to protect his rights. Attorney Schmidt was unconcerned, and fought – and WON the claim.

Workers’ Compensation lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a 56 year old swimming pool laborer from Malvern, Chester County

The insurance company defined his injury as a sprain or strain, but the real injury was more severe. Workers’ Compensation lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim successfully!

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist lawyer Mark R. Schmidt resolved the claim of a 29 year old cable technician

The injured worker was disabled for approximately 1 month, and had undergone a brief course of physical therapy. The insurance company denied his claim, alleging he did not suffer any injuries.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issues a decision on a “Question of First Impression

The Court addressed an issue of First Impression more than 100 years after the Workers’ Compensation Act became law demonstrates the need to be represented by an attorney who focuses their practice on this unique and highly specialized field of law.