Work injury lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a Medical Office Assistant from Upper Darby, Delaware County for $110,000

The claimant was injured at work in 2013, and was in-and-out of work as a result of her neck and low back injuries. The large Delaware County based Hospital where she worked denied her claim, resulting in the first of many rounds of litigation. Attorney Schmidt won all back due benefits owed to the claimant. Despite the Judge’s decision, many medical bills were denied, resulting in further litigation. After another win by Schmidt, the Hospital fired the claimant. While fighting yet another round of litigation to Reinstate wage loss benefits in the workers’ compensation system, attorney Schmidt also began to explore other possible claims, such as wrongful termination. As the final court battle was nearing another Judge’s decision, the parties negotiated a settlement of all claims. The terms included all past wage loss and medical benefits, as well as a substantial amount for future wage loss.

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Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist lawyer Mark R. Schmidt resolved the claim of a 29 year old cable technician

The injured worker was disabled for approximately 1 month, and had undergone a brief course of physical therapy. The insurance company denied his claim, alleging he did not suffer any injuries.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issues a decision on a “Question of First Impression

The Court addressed an issue of First Impression more than 100 years after the Workers’ Compensation Act became law demonstrates the need to be represented by an attorney who focuses their practice on this unique and highly specialized field of law.

Motor vehicle passenger suffered neck injuries $57,500 settlement

Personal Injury attorney George Rassias settled the claim of a passenger injured in a car accident for $57,000.00

What is Workers Compensation Subrogation Statutory Construction Act?

In 2018 – after 100+ years of case law interpreting the Workers’ Compensation Act, and more than three decades after the detailed analysis in Rollins, The Supreme Court re-defined the proper method to apply subrogation against future compensation benefits, in Whitmoyer v. WCAB (Mountain Country Meats), 186 A.3d 947 (Pa. 2018).

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician from Clifton Heights, Delaware County for $85,000

After all litigation of the Claim and Penalty Petition was complete, and the parties were awaiting the decision of the Judge, the insurance company agreed to attorney Schmidt’s settlement demand, which covered all back due wage loss, payment of all medical bills, and almost two years of future benefits.

Analysis Of House Bill 1234 Of 2019

HB 1234 of 2019 Amends Section 301(c) of the Workers Compensation Act, extending the deadline to file a claim for medical conditions with a latency period exceeding 300 weeks.