What Is A Mediation and More Questions Answered by SKR Team

While attendance at a Mediation can be Ordered, no Judge, nor even an appellate court can “force” either party to settle. The amount and all terms and conditions must be fully agreed to by all parties, or there is simply no deal.

Certified Workers’ Injury Specialist attorney Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a 66 year old tire warehouse worker from Lancaster for $110,000 PLUS funding for future medical treatment.

It is usually an insurance carrier’s tactic to “wear down” the injured worker – but this time Attorney Schmidt wore down the insurance company – resulting in their acceptance of his FULL DEMAND!

Workers’ Compensation lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a 26 year old solar panel installer from Brookhaven, Delaware County for $75,000

Almost immediately after the witnessed incident, the employer fired him, alleging ‘quality control’ issues, that were never documented (and likely never existed) before he reported being hurt.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) Is Unconstitutional

While this system was far from friendly to injured workers, it was the law of the state until recently. At the end of June 2017, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling which declared the IRE process unconstitutional.

Landmark Supreme Court Decision Eliminates Impairment Ratings In Pennsylvania Work Injury Cases

On June 20, 2017 the Supreme Court of PA issued one of the most important decisions affecting injured workers in DECADES, following a long and contentious wait by the entire community. 

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist lawyer Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician from Clifton Heights, Delaware County for $85,000

After all litigation of the Claim and Penalty Petition was complete, and the parties were awaiting the decision of the Judge, the insurance company agreed to attorney Schmidt’s settlement demand, which covered all back due wage loss, payment of all medical bills, and almost two years of future benefits.

Workers Compensation Update: Resignation and Retirement Issues

Workers Compensation Update: Resignation and Retirement Issues

Every workers’ compensation lawyer at Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias has met the strict requirements to become a Certified Specialist, pursuant to the Rules, testing requirements and years of practice set forth by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the PA Bar Association.

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