Mark R. Schmidt settled the claim of a 62 year old medical waste handler from Philadelphia

The injured worker was stuck with a needle in 1994, contracting HIV, later developing into Aides.

Are Seasonal Employees Like Lifeguards And Farm Workers Eligible For Workers’ Compensation In Pennsylvania?

As the modern gig economy continues to expand, seasonal and other temporary work is only likely to grow further. Workers who are injured while working a seasonal job, often have questions about whether they are covered by Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation insurance regime.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Just in Time for Memorial Day

A claim settlement of a 69 year old Vietnam two tour Veteran just before Memorial Day. What a fitting way to thank this client – and all of the men and women who have fought for the freedoms and system of justice found only in America.

Workers’ Compensation Objections To House Bill 18

The Legislators for the House and Senate of Pennsylvania are constantly called upon to address proposed changes to the workers’ compensation system, from advocates for both injured workers’ rights, as well as from those on the “other” side, seeking to minimize costs to employers and insurance companies.

What Is My Claim Worth?

An Injured person lives with the pain, frustration, disability, financial stress and family stress every single day. This makes them believe (probably correctly) there is no amount of money in the world that is enough to compensate them for everything that has and may continue to affect them since the incident occurred.

Certified Workers Compensation Specialist lawyer Mark R. Schmidt assisted in the settlement for a 70 year old Auto Body Shop Owner

The claimant suffered her work injury in 1991, when struck in the face and mouth by a disgruntled insurance adjuster. It was a “medical only” claim, with no lost time or lost wages.

What is Workers Compensation Subrogation Statutory Construction Act?

In 2018 – after 100+ years of case law interpreting the Workers’ Compensation Act, and more than three decades after the detailed analysis in Rollins, The Supreme Court re-defined the proper method to apply subrogation against future compensation benefits, in Whitmoyer v. WCAB (Mountain Country Meats), 186 A.3d 947 (Pa. 2018).

Analysis Of House Bill 1234 Of 2019

HB 1234 of 2019 Amends Section 301(c) of the Workers Compensation Act, extending the deadline to file a claim for medical conditions with a latency period exceeding 300 weeks.

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